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Hi friends!

My name is Stella and I’m a Doctor of Computer Science after earning my degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz. My dissertation is Hierarchical Style Modeling: A generative framework for Style-Centric Generation of 3D Models.

My core interests include:

  • Computational Style: What does it mean to encode a style within a computation system? What features are required for a style to be recognizable? Given that style is used in a number of different contexts, how are these definitions related to each other?
  • PCG and style: What does it mean for a system to generate a thing in a style? What sorts of styles can we encode into a generative system? How do the encoded styles interact with the inherent style that a generative system possesses?
  • Playful domains: Most of my published work has been in the domain of generating lego models; I’ve also explored robot kits for children and abstract narrative in my published work.
  • Constraint Solving for Generation: My primary line of research has focused on the use of Answer Set Programming as a generative tool.
  • Abstract Computer Science and Algorithmic Thinking: In addition to all of the above, my time spend teaching has primarily focused on the Algorithms courses that UCSC offers. This lines up nicely with my background (read: undergraduate work) in mathematics.
  • Game Randomizers and controlled transformations of game spaces.